Empowering Mental Health for Every Perinatal Journey

Start making a difference in perinatal mental health. Join our community and offer your specialized care to those in need.

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Professionals like you join MindHaven to connect with clients seeking your specialized services:

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Therapists

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Nurse Practitioners

    Discover the benefits of MindHaven: flexible scheduling, competitive compensation, and a targeted perinatal clientele. Enjoy easy referrals, seamless collaboration, and resources to enhance your perinatal mental health services.

MindHaven connects you with:

People experiencing perinatal mental health challenges

Those with perinatal issues facing life stressors and isolation

People seeking specific types of professional perinatal support

“I have a therapist, but five months into my pregnancy the reality of motherhood hit. Now I'm searching for an experienced therapist who understands the journey and can equip me with tools for this phase of life.”


MindHaven's benefits

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Freedom and Flexibility

Experience independence to work on your terms, manage your schedule, and dedicate yourself to perinatal mental health.


Streamlined Connections

Discover high-quality matches tailored to your specialization and simplify your practice with our user-friendly platform.

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Supportive Community

Connect with professionals for collaboration and development as you establish yourself as a leading perinatal mental health expert.


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